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Hydroponics Trimmer
With this machine you can trim your plants or flowers in fraction of the time, it will make one person as fast as ten or more. We are very sure that you will be very happy with our product.
Power: 110V/60Hz 75-200W or 220V/50Hz 75-200W
Package: Single

Hydroponic Carbon Filter
The carbon filter within the can filter removers 99.7% of all volatiles from the air. For cleaning the incoming, outgoing or bypassing flow of air from bad smell using physical or chemical adsorption. Greenhouse, hospital, food-processing industry, chemical industry, public buildings, kitchens, office rooms, lavatories, crematories, butcher shops.
Item No.:
A=02010000, 4"x50cm
B=02010015, 4"x62cm
C=02010001, 6"x50cm
D=02010002, 6"x62cm
E=02010003, 8"x50cm
F=02010004, 8"x62cm
G=02010005, 8"x100cm
H=02010006, 10"x50cm
I=02010007, 10"x100cm
J=02010008, 10"x120cm
K=02010009, 12"x50cm
L=02010010, 12"x100cm
M=02010011, 12"x120cm
N=02010012, 12"x150cm
Many different sizes of new carbon filter for your choice.

Rectangular Reflector
Super Light & Flash!
Item No.:
A=05010001, 610x405mm
B=05010002, 610x600mm
C=05010003, 610x810mm
D=05010004, 610x600mm
Package: 10pcs/case.

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