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Hydroponic Carbon Filter
The carbon filter within the can filter removers 99.7% of all volatiles from the air. For cleaning the incoming, outgoing or bypassing flow of air from bad smell using physical or chemical adsorption. Greenhouse, hospital, food-processing industry, chemical industry, public buildings, kitchens, office rooms, lavatories, crematories, butcher shops.
Item No.:
A=02010000, 4"x50cm
B=02010015, 4"x62cm
C=02010001, 6"x50cm
D=02010002, 6"x62cm
E=02010003, 8"x50cm
F=02010004, 8"x62cm
G=02010005, 8"x100cm
H=02010006, 10"x50cm
I=02010007, 10"x100cm
J=02010008, 10"x120cm
K=02010009, 12"x50cm
L=02010010, 12"x100cm
M=02010011, 12"x120cm
N=02010012, 12"x150cm
Many different sizes of new carbon filter for your choice.

Rectangular Reflector
Super Light & Flash!
Item No.:
A=05010001, 610x405mm
B=05010002, 610x600mm
C=05010003, 610x810mm
D=05010004, 610x600mm
Package: 10pcs/case.

Hydroponics Inline Centrifugal Fan
Superior air & sound performance!
The motor is made from Japan.
High performance.
Quiet volume.
Wide size and air flow range Inline Centrifugal Fan.
Hight quality maintenace-free balanced motor.
Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
DF04 4" 2982RFM 125W
DF06 6" 2856RFM 155W
DF08 8" 2750RFM 230W
DF10 10" 2799RFM 236W
DF12 12" 2707RFM 334W

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